Shoes that Grow

Shoes that Grow is finally taking off. I found this story in one of my favorite  trend reports, Springwise. I receive a weekly email and often find topics for my FashionMatters radio show. This past Sunday they got a great placement on the Today show. This is one that can make all shoe lovers feel good.

Director, Kenton Lee began working on this project while living and working in Kenya in 2007. He observed many children who had shoes that did not fit, or worse, no shoes at all. This lead to contraction of disease and improper foot development. He asked, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a shoe that would expand as a child grew?”

ShoethatgrowsAnd then he answered. The result is an expandable shoe that will grow 5 sizes and last 5 years. They come in  2 initial sizes, Small for kids 5-9 and Large for kids 10-14. The sole is compressed Rubber. The shoe is made from leather with a series of snaps and a buckle that allow it to grow as the child’s feet grow. It is small and compact, making it easy to pack. 50 pairs of smalls fit in one suitcase and weighs 50 pounds.

There are many ways to get involved. You can buy a pair for $50 and the organization will donate 2 to children in need.  You can fill a duffle, help fundraise, or just donate. This is “practical compassion” at its best. Make a donation in the name of each of your shoe loving friends  this holiday season.

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