Works of Art in Leather

Moreschi The Italian Art of Shoemaking Works of Art in Leather book coverEye candy - works of art in leather. It's arrived. Thank you Amazon Prime. Welcome to my bookshelf - Moreschi The Italian Art of Shoemaking: Works of Art in Leather, edited by Cristina Morrozi, photographed by Giò Martorana and produced by Rizzoli.  This book traces the heritage of artisan culture & craft in Italian shoe production using the premiere brand, Moreschi as a model. Known for exacting standards and unique style, Moreschi produces every pair of shoes from design stage to retailer on-site. Breathtakingly beautiful for your coffee table. Instructive for the shoe purist.


Shoe the World March 15th

shoe the world dayToday, March 15th is National Shoe the World Day. 500 million people around the world don't have reliable shoes! That's outrageous when so many, including me, have a closet filled with more than we could ever wear out. What can you do today and every day? Spread  awareness to everyone you know about the need. Shop for shoes that give back.  Check the archive for SOS-Save our Soles and Shoes that Grow. Or check out these buy one give one brands: Tom's, Roma Boots, and Bob's by Sketchers. Help locally by cleaning out your shoes and sending the ones you no longer need to a local shelter. Today do something good to help get a pair of shoes to those in need. Thursday you can celebrate with a green beer.  

Shoe Pop at International Pop

shoe pop Delila doble plataforma 1967
Delila doble plataforma 1967
Shoe Pop at the Philadelphia Museum of Art's new exhibit, International Pop. There's not much fashion included, but this display sure does make a statement. Created by Argentinian artist, Dalila Puzzovio in 1967 as a reaction to the lack of response to trends in Argentinian Fashion, these colorful shoes were an avante-garde, contemporary couture contrast to the usual (at the time) black and brown styles of the day. The award winning sculpture was displayed in the windows of Argentinian shoe chain, Grimoldi, the perfect foil for blurring the lines between mass-production and Art. These baby are certainly part of the shoe vernacular today. International Pop February 24, 2016 - May 15, 2016    

And the winner is…

Heck with the dresses on the red carpet, the shoe design winner is Jimmie Choo. I wish the starlet would choose gowns that show their shoes, but that is generally not the case. Thank heaven for Footwear News's big reveal. Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon, Olivia Munn, Isla Fisher and Heidi Klum all sported various sparkly, stiletto sandals with minimal straps. This year featured the platform Pearl (a rising red carpet star) that gives height, other popular styles - the Molly and the Minnie
The Minnie
the molly

SOS – Save our Soles or Souls

The footwear industry can be environmentally damaging, enter SOS (Save our Soles), a design consultancy that merges tradition practice with technology to provide innovative and creative footwear. Masterminded by visionary, Ridhwana Shaik, this consultancy promises passionate design, conceptualization and sustainable manufacture and offers limited quantity, great quality, and uniquely African aesthetic.
SOS fold
SOS fold
SOS - MonkyNutz
SOS - MonkyNutz
Some projects include: MonkyNutz, a uni-sex kids range that is eco-friendly, created from organic cotton and recycled shoes; SOS fold ups made from 100% African cotton and recycled soles; and the Meshuga brand that provides wood soles from the scavenged wood of Jacaranda tree combined with leather by products from the meat industry that are veg-tanned used as uppers.
SOS - Meshuga
SOS - Meshuga
Most of all I like the tag line: "Leave behind a legacy of great footwear, not a landfill of wasted shoes." A great thought for today or any day.