So What’s the Story?

RoxAnneLava Signature
RoxAnneLava Signature

RoxAnneLava launched June 2017 with a bad ass and beautiful signature mule.

Why this mule?  I purchased a size 7 (my size) vintage last at the shoe symposium in June. On a whim, I decided to make myself a pair to practice cement construction skills. I can’t walk anywhere without women & men asking me where I got the shoes. I’m taking that as a sign.

Working with my friend Georgene McKim at ShoeDo, I have been able to acquire the rest of the size run of vintage lasts born February 26, 1988 to complement my size 7. I created samples for fit and style in whole sizes 5-10.  As of September 2017,  I’m able to add a non-vintage size 11 and I’ve acquired additional vintage pair in sizes 6, 8 & 9.

The plan – a limited number of pairs released monthly for online delivery, complemented with  live in-person shoe parties or trunk shows in the near future. I’ll have the samples. Either way you select your size and upper. I create your mules. Each pair is truly unique to you.

These are small batch shoes meaning the materials available may vary from shoe to shoe. After all, leather is skin and just like our skin varies so do hides. I celebrate imperfections and often will select a hide to specifically use imperfections as a design detail. Each hide is different. I do my best to maintain a similar size/weight to the sole, heel and insole leathers.