Shoes of New Orleans

I spent a week in NOLA for a conference. It is one of my favorite cities. I think it is the quintessential American city, a true melting pot. I’m pleased to say it is booming, a far cry from the early days after Katrina. I’ve never been there for Easter before and boy is it a special day. There are 3 Easter Parades. You can check out my Instagram and TravelPod for updates on these events. I got to partake in 2 before heading home.

It is also a city of fashion. One of the best places we found in the French Quarter was Queork! It is a store filled with accessories made of Cork – shoes, bags, tablet and phone covers, even umbrellas. All are made in Portugal where they are cork crazy. The cork I purchased to work with comes from there.

It is a wonderful material – light weight, waterproof, scratch/stain/mildew resistant and hypoallergenic. The cork is harvested from the cork oak tree. The bark is boiled and then thin slices are placed on polyester backing. The top is finished with waterproofing sealant. The resulting fabric is upholstery grade and said to be a s durable as leather.

cork booties by ruta
Cork that looks like fish skin

Take a look at these beauties by Rutz. End of season so also a steal. They were a perfect fit for my friend. Take a good look at the texture. Doesn’t it remind you of my red fish skin booties from a previous post?