Works of Art in Leather

Moreschi The Italian Art of Shoemaking Works of Art in Leather book coverEye candy – works of art in leather. It’s arrived. Thank you Amazon Prime. Welcome to my bookshelf – Moreschi The Italian Art of Shoemaking: Works of Art in Leather, edited by Cristina Morrozi, photographed by Giò Martorana and produced by Rizzoli.  This book traces the heritage of artisan culture & craft in Italian shoe production using the premiere brand, Moreschi as a model. Known for exacting standards and unique style, Moreschi produces every pair of shoes from design stage to retailer on-site. Breathtakingly beautiful for your coffee table. Instructive for the shoe purist.


Sealskin Stilettos Oh My!

sealskin pumps
Nicole Camphaug pumps

In keeping with the Inuit tradition of using all of an animal, Nicole Camphaug, an Iqaluit designer, uses sealskin to create shoes with lots of panache and style. Considering a pair of her own worn out boots that she was going to sell, she suddenly got the idea to dress them up with scraps of sealskin. 5 hours later a trend was born. Family and friends asked for their own pair and pretty soon Camphaug was buying pelts.

Sealskin mens shoe
Nicole Camphaug men’s dress shoes


Made by Inuit in Nunavut these babies are popular. Offering Women’s and Men’s styles, Camphaug has had to recruit her husband to help and has even added in some jewelry with Inuit designs.


sealskin bootie
My fave – Camphaug bootie – Fantastic



Even so, at 5 hours of labor per pair, she is still looking for a business model that will lead her to a profitable fashion career. Listen, I’ll help her out. These beauties are to die for. So Anne!

Feed Your Soul with decorative soles

Everyone knows about Louboutin’s signature red sole, but check out these artful renditions soles that feed your soul. Decorated soles are ephemeral delights for the wearer. When they are gone, they are gone, or maybe not.

morenatom sole
egg and sperm

My first pair of shoes with decorated soles are by Morenatom, a brazilian shoe design company. Aside from the fantastic sustainable colored and textured uppers  and a wooden heel, this sole features several sperm on an egg hunt. This little surprise gives me a giggle everytime I wear them. The bonus? Sometimes others get a peek when I cross my legs.

carved and paniaed sole
carved with patina

Various methods and approaches are used to create the sole – dying, painting, color blocking, etching, carving, patina. Петр Пилипук a hand-made shoe designer carved and added patina to these. These are delightful together and apart. I love the addition of leather to the shoe bag as well. A great package.

worn to reborn
worn to reborn

You can add an interesting sole, or replace one as well. Worn to Reborn is the vision of a young English decorative shoe repairman who will resole your shoes with your personal vision.  Spiderman, Shrek, Bilbo Baggins, no problem. He concentrates his efforts on the waist of the shoe so you can keep most of the design. No website, but you can follow him on instagram if you like.

Cowboy boots never go out of style

Custom Cowboy Boots
Custom Cowboy Boots

Invest in a versatile shoe, the cowboy boot that never goes out of style. Whether you choose an authentic bespoke model, Ariat, or a designer urban style, this is one of the best investments you will make.

Urban Cowgirl
Donald Pliner, Urban Cowgirl




Statement Ariat
Statement Ariat

These boots are stylish. Many sport a pointed toe that elongates the leg. The heel is a sensible height and sturdy. The range of designs are prolific. There is something for everyone and a good pair really will last forever. Cowboy boots go from casual to office to fancy dress. Quality boots can be endlessly repaired and the best part is they look just as good weathered as new.

Shoe Making 101: A shoe is born

Louis soles cover the sole and heel.

This week we return to my shoe making journey that is coming to an end and my shoe is born. With heels fixed we attached our soles. These are known as Louis soles as they cover the bottom of the shoe and wrap around the inside of the heel. The shoe is then finished with a heel cap.



I’d like to take a short aside here to note that I chose a kitten heel which is about 2″. The heel height is determined by the last, but you can push the height a bit giving you a range of heel options. My last was made for about at 3″ heel. My choice of 2″ heel gives my shoe more toe spring, meaning the toe angles up a bit. I personally like the look and feel of a bit more toe spring so this is a win for me.

shoes complete
A shoe is born

With the lasting complete, we can take a good look at my pumps and see how I fared. You can really see the metallic leather wrinkling. That leather just did not want to become a shoe! This was a great lesson for me about hides and leathers. There are so many places where leather can go wrong. The animal could have had a poor hide. The tanning process could have contributed. The finishing process (adding the metallic) could have contributed. I was too far down the road in a structured class to fix it, so I will wear them proudly. I don’t think anyone will be on the floor checking them out that closely.

So ends this shoe making journey and my time in Ashland, Oregon with Bonney & Wills. I can’t wait to get into my studio and practice.