Bridal & Every Special Occasion

Your vision from the ground up with Made to Order Mules from RoxAnneLava.

Feel badass and beautiful as you start your new adventure in hand made-to-order, retro inspired shoes. These mules will take you from ceremony to reception to honeymoon and beyond.

Unique – Customize with materials special to you and carry your memories down the aisle.
Co-Collaborate – Design for your look – Your hair and make up are designed for you. Your dress is designed for you. Why not your shoes?
Contemporary, stylish comfort – RoxAnneLava styles sport contemporary design, timeless style and all day comfort.
Socially Conscious – Materials use in RoxAnneLava shoes are responsibly & intentionally sourced, often including upcyled and imperfect materials.
Sustainable – With classic styling and quality materials, these shoes will last long after your vows are over.
Supports local business – Your investment supports my local network through me.

–My shoes, Your feet – The Perfect Couple!

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A Wedding isn’t just about ONE day – engagement photos, showers, hen nights, spa visits, dress shopping, rehearsal dinners and the honeymoon.

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Your style doesn’t stop at your ankles!

Here are some RoxAnneLava Shoe tips to consider as you create your special vision:

RoxAnneLava Shoe tip #1: Shoes should match your dress.  Guarantee you have the perfect pair! Work with Anne to design your dream shoe where style, materials and embellishments match your overall vision.

RoxAnneLava Shoe tip #2: Shoes are all about memory. Consider using meaningful embellishments, non-traditional colors and materials as we design your unforgettable pair. Those memories will accompany you down the aisle.

RoxAnneLava Shoe tip #3: Your wedding day is NOT the day to try a new shoe style. Stick with a style you are comfortable wearing and customize it to give it that wedding WOW!

RoxAnneLava Shoe tip #4: Your wedding day should NOT be the first day you wear your shoes. While RoxAnneLava made to order shoes are built on  comfortable lasts with materials that mold to YOUR foot, it is always a good idea to wear them a bit around the house before your big day!

RoxAnneLava Insider Tip – Keep your soles pristine before your day – tape the bottom of your sole with masking tape. Your soles will stay pristine while you break your shoes in with light wear around your home.

RoxAnneLava Shoe tip #5: Order your shoes right after you order your dress. RoxAnneLava shoes are custom designed and made to order. You’ll need them for your dress fitting. Please allow 8 weeks for design and delivery!