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2021 Shoe Odyssey Begins

Yesterday I launched the RoxAnneLava Monday Mission, live via Facebook and YouTube. I’ve been using a new to me platform called Restream and there were of course the typical hiccups with new tech. I am sure next week will be better. I invite you to follow me on Facebook @Roxannelava or to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Each week, I bring you a one-hour behind the scenes look into the life of a maker/solopreneur. My mission will cover whatever task I need to complete during the week from shoe making to marketing. You’ll come away with an understanding of the many diverse skills necessary to hang out your making shingle.

This past week I discussed a prototype I am making this week for a new product offering, couples soft sole slippers. This exclusive package includes 2 pairs of matching scuffs built around a shearling (or faux shearling) insole. Of course you’ll be able to buy a pair for one. You can watch my progress on the prototype by following me on instagram @roxannelavarox. Today I cut and glued the insole and made a couple of functional and design decisions. I hope to finish the prototype tomorrow to introduce at my Virtual Wedding Showcase tomorrow evening.

Here’s some of what we discussed yesterday:

  1. lasts
  2. toe spring
  3. pre-made components
  4. where to get supplies
  5. and the best way to learn about how something is made

Want to know more? You can watch the recorded sessions on my YouTube playlist – 2021 Shoe Odyssey.