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A Shoe Lineage

I am a clinical psychologist by training turned fashion designer, but I’m still doing both. Fashion has always been a love of mine. And it’s so interesting to have this conversation with you. Because really my first love was shoes, even though I have a clothing brand now.

I really fell in love with shoes because of my mom. I continue the lineage of this love for fashion that the women in my family have. My mom had a ton of shoes when I was growing up. Her closet would be over run with shoes, heels, different colors… I remember being so fascinated by them. I knew where they were. I knew where to go to find this pair. We had a hardwood floors in our home. Her room was on one end of the hallway and a bathroom was on the opposite end. I would just love to go in and find a particular pair of shoes and walk the hallway. They were too big and I was always trying to work the runway.

A particular pair that I have remembered throughout my life were a pair of dark grey perforated leather pumps. And they had a small peep toe. For some reason I was very intrigued by that tiny peep toe. There wasn’t a lot of toe out. It was truly a peep at the toes, but it was intriguing to me.

I remember longing for the day when I could just take her shoes and keep them for myself. Actually, that ended up being my first shoe heartbreak because I grew up in that house my whole life until it was time for college. And then we ultimately moved. Unfortunately there was a lot of stuff that was lost and things that we ended up not taking so I don’t have the shoes.

As I became a young adult, I fell in love with BCBG and BCBG Girl shoes. It wasn’t intentional. I would be in the mall and fall in love with a pair of shoes and then another and another and so on and they just all happened to be BCBG Girl shoes. These blue fishskin sandals harken back to that perforated peep toe that I fell in love with years ago. I love heels and shine and this color really adds a pop!

–Nicole Muhammad, Sew Elevated

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