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Aladdin Vintage Lovelies – more foldable shoes

I went to meet a few friends for dinner on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and I arrived a few minutes early. I was strolling East Passyunk to see what what new. Right across from the restaurant is a vintage store called Mesh Vintage. What better place to kill 10 minutes.

vintage slides
“I dream of Genie”

Mesh has a nice variety of vintage and lots of shoes. The shop owner had featured some vintage foldables in an armoir, so I went over to inspect. I was transported to my mother’s closet and the foldable evening slippers she had. Of the several pairs (all in my size) I found these beauties. I Dream of Genie here I come. The image is a bit off. These are bright gold leather slides with about a 1″ wedge heel. My size, $5 – I had to have them. They just brightened my day.

Caged shoe drawing
Badass & Beautiful

What a great inspiration for my shoe designs as well. I must be channeling this toe shape somehow. Remember this design from last summer? There is quite a bit of Asian influence here from the heel to the toe cap. I hadn’t been thinking of Aladdin or I Dream of Genie consciously, but I guess it was in there somewhere. Maybe I’ll try a variation on this in my summer flats.


alladin shoes
Perfect with harem pants

These are a bit out of character for me – I’m not really into Asian inspired styles. What you can’t really see is that these are bright gold – also not my aesthetic. But these beauties will be perfect with all the pant trends this season – harem, cropped, cuffed. They are lightweight and foldable although I won’t fold them. They will head with me on my travels and each time I wear them I’ll remember my mom’s closet and how much I enjoyed watching her dress for evenings out.

Update 4/12/15: I’m definitely channeling something!
Check out these non-western images from the The Robert and Penny Fox Historic Costume Collection at Drexel.

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