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An Iconic Tragedy in Two Parts

As promised, I am adding a bonus exchange between Sarah and me on Instagram DM with Sarah’s permission.

dr scholls sandals
Dr. Scholls all the rage circa 1970s

Anyone remember Dr. Scholls sandals circa 1970? Again given the difference in our ages, I am surprised that Sarah and I shared a love of these shoes. They were all the rage and both of us just had to have them. Here are our stories.

Sarah: Cleaning up my shop and I remembered an earlier shoe-love story!!  Those Dr.Scholls clogs/slides. I had them when we lived in a triple decker in Lynn, and coming down the back wooden stairs from the kids’ apartment above us I slipped down the stairs. My dad came out of our kitchen door on the landing, I was crying and sprawled on the stairs, and he ripped the clogs off my feet shouting “it’s these damn shoes!” and threw them in the trash bin outside. I started bawling harder, for my beloved shoes! We moved from that house when I was 7, so earlier than the white sneakers. I didn’t dare ever get another pair of the Dr.Scholls until I was an adult, I also had them in Italy, and they would CLACK loudly on the cobblestones. The ones I had falling down the stairs in Lynn had navy blue straps .

Anne: I have a tragic Dr. Scholl story too! I was riding my bike in them. I had a glass fish aquarium outside drying. I cut a turn too close to the aquarium and put my foot through it. I didnt damage myself when my foot went in, but It was a major injury. Many stitches and I cut a nerve in half. I have only partial feeling on top of my right foot.  I was bed ridden for all of July and missed horseback riding camp. Mine also had navy straps. I was a bit older 11 or 12 I think. We must be sisters! First reeboks and now Dr. Scholl’s. I never went back to them.

Sarah: I wanted to go back to them, and nostalgically tried buying some before moving to Rome (hadn’t dared cross my dad who forbade them FOREVER all those years!) but mostly I wore the geta because the Dr. Scholls really aren’t all that comfortable! And ironically they always feel like a disaster waiting to happen.

Anne: Agreed on the Dr. S’s. Way too much trauma for me to try again. Both my parents were doctors. They turned white when they saw the cut. I knew it was really bad when I saw their faces.

Sarah: Yikes!!!