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Feed Your Soul with decorative soles

Everyone knows about Louboutin’s signature red sole, but check out these artful renditions soles that feed your soul. Decorated soles are ephemeral delights for the wearer. When they are gone, they are gone, or maybe not.

morenatom sole
egg and sperm

My first pair of shoes with decorated soles are by Morenatom, a brazilian shoe design company. Aside from the fantastic sustainable colored and textured uppers  and a wooden heel, this sole features several sperm on an egg hunt. This little surprise gives me a giggle everytime I wear them. The bonus? Sometimes others get a peek when I cross my legs.

carved and paniaed sole
carved with patina

Various methods and approaches are used to create the sole – dying, painting, color blocking, etching, carving, patina. Петр Пилипук a hand-made shoe designer carved and added patina to these. These are delightful together and apart. I love the addition of leather to the shoe bag as well. A great package.

worn to reborn
worn to reborn

You can add an interesting sole, or replace one as well. Worn to Reborn is the vision of a young English decorative shoe repairman who will resole your shoes with your personal vision.  Spiderman, Shrek, Bilbo Baggins, no problem. He concentrates his efforts on the waist of the shoe so you can keep most of the design. No website, but you can follow him on instagram if you like.

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