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Foldable Shoes – Evening Slippers in a Bag

Feather Mocs foldable - 3 views
Feather Mocs foldable shoes – 3 views

A Night at the Opera

Foldable shoes circa 1960s always bring back fond memories of my mother. She often wore these slippers as her fancy dress flats. My most vivid memory of them is sitting with my mother as she dressed for the opera in a carefully chosen black velvet maxi skirt and suitably shimmery blouse. It was the 60s so the garments covered a carefully constructed body with the aid of a long line bra, high waisted panty girdle and nude stockings. (That’s when I learned that special occasion dressing is all about the foundations.) With all of that in order, my mother would grab a little plastic bag with a snap close and pull out her glamorous foldable evening slippers. She’d slide them on, add a red lip, finish with her red fox stole and join my father in black tie for their opera date. Talk about glamorous!

foldables in bag
Feather Mocs bagged

I go through periods of obsession with these shoes. They were reasonably priced, versatile and made in the USA and mostly NYC. This is an interesting fact in itself as much of the shoe manufacturing in the US was in Massachusetts.

Where have they gone?

Every department store sold them in the hosiery department. Why in the world aren’t these still around? My Feather Mocs I dream of Genie inspired mules recently resurfaced and that’s started me off again. Days of scouring ebay, etsy and poshmark ensued. Googling a number of brands – Feather Mocs, Etell, Bertlyn, Pamper Foot by Van Raaite, Nite Aires has resulted in nothing! How could these affordable, versatile shoes just disappear from our fashion culture?

Inspiration – vamp cross bar


Never daunted, I’ll keep looking. Afterall, I have a huge network of fashion scholars to ask. In the meantime, my design hat is on. I’m inspired to conquer the fold and bring back evening slippers strong.

Shed Some Light

Please do share you foldable stories, images and information in reply to this post.

Image Note

Featured in the images, these rare vintage Feather Mocs are for sale on Ebay. Let me know if you buy them!

–XO Roxanne Lava

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