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From Taps to Straps – a story of dance & shoes

I was a very active child so my mom put me in tap dance class to channel my enthusiasm and I fell in love with dance. I would steal my mother’s shoes and dance around in her heels. My mother used to laugh and laugh. Of course it was funny because they were massive on me , but I would dance around the kitchen in the living room in her shoes.

I fell in love with shoes the first time I watched White Christmas with my mom-the 1954 movie musical with Bing Crosby. Of course, I was drawn to the dance scenes. The best things happened when the cast sings and dances. There was so much enthusiasm, energy and excitement. I wanted to be right there with them! Those satin heels just caught my eye immediately as she moved across the floor. I thought, “Oh my gosh, they’re pink satin. They’re amazing. Look at the straps on them.” I just knew I had to wear a shoe like that. And when she was twirling in her dress it was the stuff of dreams. I couldn’t wait to wear heels like that and dance. Now, it took a couple years for me to graduate to heels and tap but the journey and destination was full of joy and excitement. My wedding shoes were Betsey Johnson and they had a really pretty strap on them and I could just dance in them all night and they just need my dress flow around the dance floor as my husband twirled me around, just like that scene in White Christmas.

From there I fell in love with all types of shoes that were strappy, perfect for dancing the night away in. I walk on my toes. So if I wear pumps, I walk out of them. So straps keep me safe. I love a strap. A strap on a high heel on your ankle- so classy and sexy. I love a pump, because it elongates you, but I just love a strap on a heel.

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