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Give Thanks for Shoes

Thursday is Thanksgiving in the USA and I certainly will give thanks for shoes. Here are 4 options complete with outfit suggestions for a stylish and comfortable day.

blue glitter booties
texture and shine

My fave holiday look – a stylish ankle boot and dress combo (choose a knit shift for optimal comfort). Add a pair of leggings, not as constricting as tights, and you will be golden. The dress is a nod to festive and the ankle boot will add lots of style. I’m going glitter/glam this year with these navy beauties, perfect for my restaurant dinner. I’m completing my look with a blue-on-blue jacquard fit and flare dress, black leggings and leather jacket, with some hardware to wear jewlery, but hey that’s me.

lady-like pink pump
statement color

My second choice for event style is a cropped pant, tunic top and kick-ass pumps. Keep it festive with color, texture and detail. Keep it comfortable with a kitten heel. I love the outfit in shades of grey with this bright pink lady-like accent.

military riding boot
military equestrian

For a bit more casual approach spiff up your riding boots (or not-sometimes weathered is just the thing). These are dead versatile and every woman should have at least 2-3 pairs. Couple them with a long tailored shirt over some skinny jeans and you will exude polished, sophisticated cool. I love the grey/brown color and military details on these “Battle” by Matisse. (Yep, I own them.)

brown wedge lace up
desert boot inspired

If a family gathering is on your agenda, choose a comfy sweater, cuffed straight legs or skinnies and a comfy ankle boot. A wedge is a nice option if you need to chase little ones or pets. Add a neck scarf for an uptown twist. I like the nod to desert boots here – very of the moment. I’d wear them in leopard;)

Whichever combination you choose go a little wild with your shoes. Be safe, be stylish, be comfortable and enjoy those special to you.





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