Hand Made – Hand Woven – Harris Tweed – Highland Mules

This summer I visited the Isle of Harris – the home of Harris tweed where I saw an excellent example of an established creative economy that is a driver for the overall economy. Harris Tweed is woven on foot peddal looms in the homes or studios of weavers on the Isle of Harris. Many weave traditional designs expressly for the bureau. Several are independent designers and are able to also weave their own designs. These independent designs are sanctioned by the bureau before they are ready for Prime Time.

machair tweed
machair inspired tweed

Each tweed is certified and the fabric comes with a number of authentic labels. I selected one tweed from independent designer, Rebecca Hutton of Taobh Tuath Tweeds that is inspired by the “machair”, the undergrowth on the Island plain. The colors in the tweed change as it moves through various lights.

all tweeds
machair and traditional tweeds raw, felted

I also selected 2 traditional tweeds, pictured here next to the machair. I elected to felt these two. The images on the bottom are the raw tweeds. Images on the top are felted. I began the felting by hand and then did finish in the washer dryer. These two tweeds have a lovely hand.

Limited pairs of mules are available in each of the 3 tweeds. Order between October 1 -10 for delivery by November 15th.

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