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RoxAnneLava Monday Mission 1 February, 2021

Mission List Feb 1

This weeks Monday Mission was a Solopreneur challenge. Time to put the business admin hat on and take care of some Marketing. I sent out my monthly newsletter, added an article to my listing on and prepared a package to send to the winner of a giveaway I offered at my most recent bridal showcase.

Those were the tasks, but I shared a whole lot more. Missed the show but want to know about my strategies and tools? Watch the recording on my YouTube playlist – 2021 A Shoe Odyssey.

Each week I share whatever my Monday Mission might be from all areas of my business: making, operations, or admin. I share my strategies, processes and the tools I use to run my one woman show.

AND I’m not afraid to share my mistakes and failures. I’m learning a new to me platform, Restream (, that allows me to go live on FB and YouTube (other platforms too) at the same time, collecting all comments in space. While I’m pretty good at tech, there is still a learning curve. Watch each week as I adapt to this new technology.

Being an entrepreneur requires that you embrace failure, adapt, be resourceful and push through adversity. It’s not easy if it was everyone would be an entrepreneur. Join me in my journey.