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Shoe Pop at International Pop

shoe pop Delila doble plataforma 1967
Delila doble plataforma 1967

Shoe Pop at the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s new exhibit, International Pop.

There’s not much fashion included, but this display sure does make a statement. Created by Argentinian artist, Dalila Puzzovio in 1967 as a reaction to the lack of response to trends in Argentinian Fashion, these colorful shoes were an avante-garde, contemporary couture contrast to the usual (at the time) black and brown styles of the day. The award winning sculpture was displayed in the windows of Argentinian shoe chain, Grimoldi, the perfect foil for blurring the lines between mass-production and Art.

These baby are certainly part of the shoe vernacular today.

International Pop February 24, 2016 – May 15, 2016



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