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The Art of the Mule

The Art of the Mule is my new tumblr blog dedicated to all things mule. It’s a hommage to my favorite ongoing online fashion project, Burberry’s Art of the Trench. I invite you to participate in the project.

Designed to investigate mules from ancient to modern time, I invite you to comment, submit an image or ask the cobbler (that’s me) a question. One of my colleagues, Art historian Vicki Pass will be posting some of her favorites too. She’s started us off with Boucher’s Madame Pompadour,  1756. I can’t wait till she pulls out Fragonard’s, The Swing.

art example cork floral with cork wrap strap
Cork floral with cork wrap strap

Unintended selfie featuring my vegan cork floral in classic style with an optional cork wrap strap for those who feel they may walk out of the mule. The straps double as wrap bracelets.



I’m looking forward to sharing the love of the mule with each of you.




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