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The Vocabulary of Leather

vocabofleatherIt’s ARRIVED!

UNIC – LineaPelle has released their Vocabulary of Leather in English! This reference book is wonderful and worth every penny.   The book includes 4 informational sections:
Section 1: Processes and Articles
Section 2: Performance Characteristics and Flaws
Section 3: Most Frequently Used Hides and Skins
Section 4: Main Leather End Uses
The rest of the book is devoted to parts of the hide, leather samples, photo finishes and products. This will be an essential part of my library. I can’t wait to dive in and consume all this knowledge.


Linepaella is THE International leather trade show. Held twice yearly, the show includes leather, accessories, components, synthetics and models for footwear, leather goods, garments and furniture. My goal is to get there in September 2016. Next step on my journey – 7 day pump workshop at Bonney & Wills School of Shoemaking and Design in Ashland, Oregon.

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The Shoes of Salvation

Product DetailsI re-discovered a delightful little book filled with shoe wisdom this week, The Shoes of Salvation by Edward Monkton. My favorite shoe enabler gave me this book as a gift. It is worth remembering the lessons imparted in the tiny tome. Shoes do offer happiness, pleasure and ecstasy, although they often come at a cost and I’m not just talking about dollars and cents. The most beautiful shoes can pinch, hurt and cause pain. When you feel that agony, just remember it is the shoes reminding you of their presence! Grin and bear the agony knowing that a pair of fabulous shoes really can make you feel beautiful and complete. Find a seat, preferably where you can show them off;)