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Shoe Making Workshop – the Fashion Pump

shoe making last selection
Last selected to my foot measurements

Here I am in Asland, Oregon working with Bill Shanor at Bonney & Wills. We are 2 days in to our 7 day intensive shoe making workshop – the fashion pump. So far I’ve learned to measure the foot, select and customize a last, make an insole pattern and design a shoe.

You can follow my daily journey on my travel blog . I’ll be expanding on each day of shoe making fun for the next few weeks here. I’ll trace the birth of my first pumps in-depth with lots of images and no holds barred commentary.

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Shoe Design – 2 day workshop

drawn shoe draped last
Drawing and Draping

In addition to the 1-day sandal making workshop I took last summer, I also took a 2-day shoe design workshop at Prescott & Mackay, lead by Aki Choklat. I wanted to learn the process and pick up some more drawing tools. I hate drawing and I’m not that great at it. I much prefer to work things through in collage or 3 dimensions. It was enlightening and in the end I didn’t do so badly. My shoe is much like my mission “badass & beautiful” with a unique heel detail.

Caged shoe drawing
Badass & Beautiful

I’ve been working hard to set up my new shoe making studio and I’m nearly there. I hope to devote 30 minutes a day to drawing and I am sure I will see a great deal of improvement with practice.

I am also sure I will mostly design on a last in 3-D (otherwise knows as draping) as you can see in this image. I was working out how many straps there would be, where they would fall on the foot, how wide the center strap would be and where elastic would need to go to get the foot in and out of the shoe.

Outside view draping
Inside view draping showing elastic placement
Top view draping








personal printing and milling fabricator
personal printing and milling fabricator

I’m waiting for a 3D printer/milling machine from Fabtotum. I hope to try and make this heel and toe cap when that arrives.