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Community Market for Makers & Shakers

Maker & Shaker Community Market
Maker & Shaker Community Market

The Community Market for Makers & Shakers on Saturday, October 14th was my first live shoe event. Hosted by NextFab in North Philadelphia as part of DesignPhiladelphia, I had a great day of feedback, networking and fun and oh yeah a few sales.

My second generation RoxAnneLava Signature samples in whole sizes 5-11 debuted to the public. I offered 2 options for orders, my holiday leather collection in black or cranberry patent/silver or cranberry crackle/ gold or red metallic,  OR  a new offering of up-cycled leathers that are waste materials from a furniture manufacturer in black/red/brown. My 1st generation Signature prototypes, 3 sample pairs and logo tees were also available. It was great to have people see, try  on and react to my shoes.

These events are always best for exposure and networking and Saturday did not disappoint. I gained about a dozen new email subscribers, sold some product,  got some ideas and feedback and connections on the shoes from people who don’t know me and met some new potential partners for a couple of really interesting initiatives.

The Bonus?

Free Federal Donuts, Coffee, Philly HomeBrew Outlet Breakfast Stout, a lovely Bahn Mi and DJ.

I’ve been a maker and had making businesses for most of my adult life. It’s great to watch this new one grow. I am pleased with the positive response. It’s gratifying to work toward my personal and professional goals. A day like Saturday validates I am on the right path.


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Walking in Heels

It’s the holidays, time for walking in heels. It doesn’t come naturally to many women. Here are few tips to help you walk with grace, elegance and attitude in your holiday best.

Sky High Stiletto
Sky High Stiletto

First, find a pair of sky-high heels that work well with your foot. Comfort is all in the vamp. Try on a bunch of brands and find one or two the fit your foot. Don’t worry about the price point. Shoedazzle offers a great vamp for me at a very affordable price. Once you find the brand, make sure to find a style you LOVE.

Get the correct size. Remember that shoe lasts come in many sizes, but stores purchase only a limited selection. My foot measures a 6 1/2 D, but I have to buy  a 7 B because most stores only carry whole and half sizes in B.

The Wedge
The Wedge

If it is your first time out, steer clear of stilettos for your maiden voyage. Start with a wedge that offers good stability. If you are a novice try a 3″ heel or choose a platform.

3-inch heeled pump
3-inch heeled pump

Once you get these babies home make sure you scuff up the soles. This will help you avoid slipping. Next, test them out on the rug, the tile, the hardwood floor, the sidewalk, the driveway, the grass, as many surfaces as you can find. You will need to negotiate each surface a little differently.

Hidden platform
Hidden platform

Stand tall, shoulders back, hips and knees relaxed. Remember that book on the head routine? Step forward with confidence, head held high, heel first and move heel-toe, heel-toe in small steps, shorter than your natural stride. Feeling a bit awkward? Deep breath, start again and practice, practice, practice.

Selena Gomez sitting pretty
Selena Gomez sitting pretty

Sit whenever you can and show us your shoes. Elongate your torso, sitting elegantly tall and either demurely cross your legs at the ankles or display your gorgeous gams with a cross at the knee. Add a little swing for attitude and you know you’ve graduated.

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Give Thanks for Shoes

Thursday is Thanksgiving in the USA and I certainly will give thanks for shoes. Here are 4 options complete with outfit suggestions for a stylish and comfortable day.

blue glitter booties
texture and shine

My fave holiday look – a stylish ankle boot and dress combo (choose a knit shift for optimal comfort). Add a pair of leggings, not as constricting as tights, and you will be golden. The dress is a nod to festive and the ankle boot will add lots of style. I’m going glitter/glam this year with these navy beauties, perfect for my restaurant dinner. I’m completing my look with a blue-on-blue jacquard fit and flare dress, black leggings and leather jacket, with some hardware to wear jewlery, but hey that’s me.

lady-like pink pump
statement color

My second choice for event style is a cropped pant, tunic top and kick-ass pumps. Keep it festive with color, texture and detail. Keep it comfortable with a kitten heel. I love the outfit in shades of grey with this bright pink lady-like accent.

military riding boot
military equestrian

For a bit more casual approach spiff up your riding boots (or not-sometimes weathered is just the thing). These are dead versatile and every woman should have at least 2-3 pairs. Couple them with a long tailored shirt over some skinny jeans and you will exude polished, sophisticated cool. I love the grey/brown color and military details on these “Battle” by Matisse. (Yep, I own them.)

brown wedge lace up
desert boot inspired

If a family gathering is on your agenda, choose a comfy sweater, cuffed straight legs or skinnies and a comfy ankle boot. A wedge is a nice option if you need to chase little ones or pets. Add a neck scarf for an uptown twist. I like the nod to desert boots here – very of the moment. I’d wear them in leopard;)

Whichever combination you choose go a little wild with your shoes. Be safe, be stylish, be comfortable and enjoy those special to you.





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Festive Footwear for the Holiday Season

The holidays are looming – time for festive footwear! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Parties galore. Always an opportunity to be a little out of the box and a little over the top. My faves for festive footwear revolve around color, texture and shine. This year my top picks are Velvet & Glitter.

Thankoon Bootie
Luxurious & Sophisticated Chic

Velvet brings a touch of luxury to any outfit. This year Blue is the color of choice. I LOVE these Thakoon booties. Wear all season with jeans to party dresses or anything in between. The cowboy style with harness bow and buckle strike the right balance between feminine and tomboy. Badass & Beautiful.



Shoedazzle Rosemary Shoedazzle NeveahLooking for velvet value? Check out these two styles Rosemary and Neveah from Both are value priced at $39.95, available in blue or cranberry. At this price you can get them both. Use a spray protector on any fabric, including Velvet to keep them looking smart. Don’t forget to test a small unseen patch first to make sure the spray doesn’t ruin the color. A good bet is 3M Scotchgard.


Glitter Oxford
Can’t find it? Make it.

My second pick for a festive season is Glitter. Can’t find it? Make it! Not only do you get the style, fit, comfort and price you want, you get the color you want too! Check out these homemade beauties. Here’s how to make them:



Michael Antonio Bootie
Festive X 2

Ready to go really over the top? Mix both velvet AND glitter to make a major statement. These gold glitter and red velvet Michael Antonio booties are particularly perfect for Santa’s Badass and Beautiful Elves.

Whatever festive footwear you choose, prepare now and enjoy the holiday season.