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Caged, Calf-Hair, Perfs or Suede-Must wears for Right Now!

The first day of Fall is upon us and in my neck of this woods this time of year provides a tiny window of opportunity for some of my shoes. Here are 4 must wears for right now! This is the best time for pumps and booties, open or closed. It’s okay to add a tight or a sock. Make the most of your color palette and look to nature for cues-warm golds, oranges and browns; deep reds and greens; and light reflecting metallics, fall’s finest. Wear ’em while you can.

Caged heel
Caged, Fluevog, Swordfish – enough said.

First up-the caged option. In flats, heels or booties, this gives you the structure of fall with the openness of summer. My personal fave for this year the Fluevog take. Note the talon-like toe detail. The open shoe helps the black look lighter.

perforated beauty
Perforated, metallic, beauty.

Closely related is the perforated option. Laser-cutting has made this design detail available at every price point. Look for it in a bootie as a nice transition from summer to fall. Metallics are still hot and they are a neutral. This is a versatile choice. Imagine a colored tight peeking through in a week or two.

Hopefully it will stay dry for the next few weeks and that will give me the option of trotting out my calf-hairs and suedes. I’ve got a couple of options of each. Here are two that are perfect for right now.

Calf Hair booties
Calf Hair for fine, dry days.

You can NEVER go wrong with a cowboy style boot, bootie or shoe. These calf-hair beauties in leopard work just as well with shorts or dresses as the do with jeans. I can dress them for work or play.

Suede heeled oxford
Suede sexy details and menswear inspired.

The Oxford is especially on trend this year. In the best cases it is the perfect marriage of femininity and masculinity. In suede with a 3 inch kitten heel these by Splendid project just the right level of bad ass.



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The Slingback for Spring

One of my most favorite shoes for spring is the slingback. It’s sexy and ladylike all at the same time. It’s a fabulous transition to sandals. You can get your feet into sandal shape gradually. Heels are so much easier¬† than toes to present after a long hard winter.

M&S slingback retro inspiration with square toe, buckle and kitten heel
M&S slingback retro inspiration with square toe, buckle and kitten heel
M&S slingback from the early 2000's still going strong
M&S slingback from the early 2000’s still going strong

These are on of my most favorite and versatile pairs of slingbacks. I purchased them from M&S in London in the early noughties and have had the lifts replaced several times. They are retro and ladylike with the square-toe and buckle, as well as practical with the kitten heel. They work with slacks and a skirt or dress. They are a fantastic show for travel.

Fluevog slingback with max coverage
Fluevog slingback with max coverage
Fluevog distressed suede slingback
Fluevog distressed suede slingback

Next up a wonderful pair of Fluevogs – I got these in Boston several years ago and they do not disappoint. I love the color and texture (soft suede). They are pre-distressed so not to worry if they get kicked about a bit. They are wonderful transitional shoes with maximum coverage while working on your spring reveal. Again a good pairing with trousers and dresses. One of my favorite outfits is these shoes with a turquoise dress. The orange and blue are complementary colors and when combined they make quite a statement. These are a bit less practical with the heel height, but the heel is sturdy and there is a bit of a platform so they are not as high as one might expect.

fluevog slingbacks
Oxford & slingback all in one.

You’ve seen these before, but I couldn’t resist showing them again. They are an excellent 3rd pair to round out my slingback collection. They are still going strong on trend at 3 or 4 years old. Oxford, slingback and metallic all in one and quite practical too with the Fluevog take on the kitten heel. As you can see, dress them up or down, slacks or skirts and dresses. Another great investment.

So treat your heels to some foot cream each night and a pumice in your bath or shower each day and enjoy Slingback Season.


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Unique Soles for Unique Souls – John Fluevog

fleuvogsOne of my favorite shoe designers is John Fluevog. Since the 80’s his brand has been creating some of the most interesting and wearable designs around. I have quite a collection. These are some of my recent faves. They have the perfect balance of masculine/ feminine, combine many “of the moment” trends and are comfortable. My mantra is generally “Badass and Beautiful”. These definitely fit the bill – real statement making shoes.





Recently I was able to go to Vancouver and see the flagship store in the Gaslight district. It is beautifully light and airy. The first floor is the sales floor and the design goes on upstairs. Sadly, one can’t explore the design space, but it is exciting to be in the same place where creative juices and prototyping are happening. Overall, the brand makes a great connection with their customer and is interested in customer input. Their website sports an open source footwear opportunity that allows the community to submit their ideas. Several have been put into production. The site supports online sales, community interaction, and the stores, telling the Fluevog story and establishing the lifestyle brand.

I’m sure it is no surprise that I found 2 styles that I wanted in Vancouver. At $300-$400 Canadian dollars a pop and a poor USD exchange rate, not to¬† mention VAT, I only purchased one pair. Unfortunately for my bank account, I just couldn’t get the second pair out of my head. I couldn’t find them locally so to the web I went. Yep, I bought them! They shipped from a US store. From the order confirmation to the package that arrived, Fluevog uses every opportunity to engage the customer in the brand. Enjoy!