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Shoe Shoot

I’ve been asked to participate in an article on shoes for the d&mMagazine through the Design & Merchandising program at Drexel University. I was interviewed about my Icelandic shoes by KronKron, featured in my City in a Shoe post earlier this year. I was also asked to participate in a shoe photoshoot. I decided to take my entire Icelandic shoe collection. The photographer, Leah Bank and stylist, Jacquelyn Fleurant selected 2 pairs, the KronKron’s and my red perch booties with optional buckle by MKM, Maria K. Magnusdottir. Here’s a couple of my faves that made the final cut. (NOTE: I have taken the liberty of cropping images further.)

shoes on bench
Bench in a shoe!
booties stepping into locker
Fashion photo fun!