Works of Art in Leather

Moreschi The Italian Art of Shoemaking Works of Art in Leather book coverEye candy – works of art in leather. It’s arrived. Thank you Amazon Prime. Welcome to my bookshelf – Moreschi The Italian Art of Shoemaking: Works of Art in Leather, edited by Cristina Morrozi, photographed by Giò Martorana and produced by Rizzoli.  This book traces the heritage of artisan culture & craft in Italian shoe production using the premiere brand, Moreschi as a model. Known for exacting standards and unique style, Moreschi produces every pair of shoes from design stage to retailer on-site. Breathtakingly beautiful for your coffee table. Instructive for the shoe purist.


Sealskin Stilettos Oh My!

sealskin pumps
Nicole Camphaug pumps

In keeping with the Inuit tradition of using all of an animal, Nicole Camphaug, an Iqaluit designer, uses sealskin to create shoes with lots of panache and style. Considering a pair of her own worn out boots that she was going to sell, she suddenly got the idea to dress them up with scraps of sealskin. 5 hours later a trend was born. Family and friends asked for their own pair and pretty soon Camphaug was buying pelts.

Sealskin mens shoe
Nicole Camphaug men’s dress shoes


Made by Inuit in Nunavut these babies are popular. Offering Women’s and Men’s styles, Camphaug has had to recruit her husband to help and has even added in some jewelry with Inuit designs.


sealskin bootie
My fave – Camphaug bootie – Fantastic



Even so, at 5 hours of labor per pair, she is still looking for a business model that will lead her to a profitable fashion career. Listen, I’ll help her out. These beauties are to die for. So Anne!

The Power of Shoes

High Heel Church
High Heel Church

Never underestimate the power of shoes. Specially designed to bring women to church. Located in Ocean View Park in Budai town, on the east coast of Taiwan, this is a modern take on Cinderella’s glass slipper. At 55 feet tall and 36 feet wide, the structure is made of 320 pieces of tinted glass and took over 2 months to build. The interior includes over 100 female oriented features, such as chairs for lovers and biscuits and cakes.

Cinderella Church
Cinderella Church


Scheduled to open for Chinese New Year, we’ll just have to watch and see how many worshipers they get. I am absolutely sure this structure will be the site of  many a Cinderella wedding, so Disney watch out! It’s already attracting lots of tourists. Maybe the right shoes can put one closer to one’s god.

A breath of Spring Shoes

back yard snow fall
Snowed in

I am surely ready for a breath of spring shoes. I survived over 18″ of snow, most of which drifted towards my house and filled my back yard. I don’t think I’ll see the yard again until April or May. It will be a sore reminder of the storm and I sure hope it didn’t kill my plants. On top of it all I now have a head cold. So as one big misery guts, I’m going to distract myself with some spring shoe trends.

spring shoe - classic nude pump
classic nude

MUST HAVE Number 1: The nudes are back. Choose a pointed toe pump with a 3″-4″ heel to really extend your leg line, elongating your line, making you look taller and thinner. Keep the color close to your skin tone for max advantage.  These Charles David’s come in 2″, 3″, and 4″ models, so a heel height for everyone.


beige tights over skares
Akiko Suzuki of Japan

As an aside, I think that women figure skaters should always choose skin tone skates or skin tone tights over skates as well. They get points for their body lines and longer lines are preferred. Lines will always look longer with skin tone to the toe than with white skates. Check out  Akiko Suzuki of Japan competing in the Ladies Free Skating during of the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2010/2011 Cup of Russia at Megasport Sport Palace on November 20, 2010 in Moscow, Russia.  (Photo by Dmitry Korotayev/Epsilon/Getty Images). She’s only 5’2″ and look at the length she gets visually from this choice. Designer Nick Verreos weighs in on the topic in this post.

spring flat - colorful print
colorful animal print flat

MUST HAVE Number 2: A fun flat. Practical and sassy, a pointed or rounded toe – your choice but make a statement with a colorful pattern. These will be your go to from spring into summer.

You’ll be spoiled for choice with both trends and best of all they are only a click away so you can dream from your armchair. Chicken soup, kleenex and shoe shopping – pretty good for a snow-fatigued, head cold kind of day.

Walking in Heels

It’s the holidays, time for walking in heels. It doesn’t come naturally to many women. Here are few tips to help you walk with grace, elegance and attitude in your holiday best.

Sky High Stiletto
Sky High Stiletto

First, find a pair of sky-high heels that work well with your foot. Comfort is all in the vamp. Try on a bunch of brands and find one or two the fit your foot. Don’t worry about the price point. Shoedazzle offers a great vamp for me at a very affordable price. Once you find the brand, make sure to find a style you LOVE.

Get the correct size. Remember that shoe lasts come in many sizes, but stores purchase only a limited selection. My foot measures a 6 1/2 D, but I have to buy  a 7 B because most stores only carry whole and half sizes in B.

The Wedge
The Wedge

If it is your first time out, steer clear of stilettos for your maiden voyage. Start with a wedge that offers good stability. If you are a novice try a 3″ heel or choose a platform.

3-inch heeled pump
3-inch heeled pump

Once you get these babies home make sure you scuff up the soles. This will help you avoid slipping. Next, test them out on the rug, the tile, the hardwood floor, the sidewalk, the driveway, the grass, as many surfaces as you can find. You will need to negotiate each surface a little differently.

Hidden platform
Hidden platform

Stand tall, shoulders back, hips and knees relaxed. Remember that book on the head routine? Step forward with confidence, head held high, heel first and move heel-toe, heel-toe in small steps, shorter than your natural stride. Feeling a bit awkward? Deep breath, start again and practice, practice, practice.

Selena Gomez sitting pretty
Selena Gomez sitting pretty

Sit whenever you can and show us your shoes. Elongate your torso, sitting elegantly tall and either demurely cross your legs at the ankles or display your gorgeous gams with a cross at the knee. Add a little swing for attitude and you know you’ve graduated.