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The humble Wellie

Black Biker Wellies
High tide on the dock

After several days of torrential rain, I thought I’d say a few words about the humble Wellie. Available at a variety of price points and with some very fashionable styling, the wellie is an essential part of any shoe wardrobe.

I have several pairs (well of course I do). The pair at the farm came in particularly handy this weekend. Stuck under a low pressure system coupled with a passing hurricane, tides were exceptionally high. Good thing it wasn’t too high. These wellies are on their last legs and have a slice in the right vamp:( It’s a good thing the farm settles next week or I’d have to buy another pair.

Wellies are also an essential at the beach. They are the best for running the dog on sands and surf. (I’m feeling like I have Martha Stewart voice today…)

Black Chelsea Boot
Dead on equestrian.
Leopard Low Heel
Kitty’s hate wet feet.

From a fashion standpoint they are an essential as well. As a public transportation commuter that needs to look fashionable at work, it is important to have fashion wellies in my repertoire. I have selected a low heeled leopard print and glossy black flat chelsea boot to pair with any rainy day outfit.

Keen, Waxed Suede
Battle the 3 Ds – Dark, Damp, Dreary

My final pair are suede, that’s right sued. Who in their right mind would wear suede in the rain? Me, that’s who. This pair of waxed suede beauties are just right for fall. From the great orange color to the rugged sole and warm lining, these fit the bill when it’s dark, dreary and damp.

My collection has cost from about $15-$100 per pair. They are well worth the investment.