David Bowie Shoes

David Bowie boots 1973
David Bowie boots 1973

RIP David Bowie, my favorite performer and a major influence on my life. David Bowie gave me the courage to be different and the confidence to continually transform on my terms throughout my life. He was brilliant till the very end and oh yeah, the shoes! Guess I got some of my fashion & shoe aesthetic from him too. These babies are dead on trend right now. Wish I could get a pair and wear them in memoriam.


Festive Footwear for the Holiday Season

The holidays are looming – time for festive footwear! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Parties galore. Always an opportunity to be a little out of the box and a little over the top. My faves for festive footwear revolve around color, texture and shine. This year my top picks are Velvet & Glitter.

Thankoon Bootie
Luxurious & Sophisticated Chic

Velvet brings a touch of luxury to any outfit. This year Blue is the color of choice. I LOVE these Thakoon booties. Wear all season with jeans to party dresses or anything in between. The cowboy style with harness bow and buckle strike the right balance between feminine and tomboy. Badass & Beautiful.



Shoedazzle Rosemary Shoedazzle NeveahLooking for velvet value? Check out these two styles Rosemary and Neveah from ShoeDazzle.com. Both are value priced at $39.95, available in blue or cranberry. At this price you can get them both. Use a spray protector on any fabric, including Velvet to keep them looking smart. Don’t forget to test a small unseen patch first to make sure the spray doesn’t ruin the color. A good bet is 3M Scotchgard.


Glitter Oxford
Can’t find it? Make it.

My second pick for a festive season is Glitter. Can’t find it? Make it! Not only do you get the style, fit, comfort and price you want, you get the color you want too! Check out these homemade beauties. Here’s how to make them: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2012/01/how-to-make-glitter-shoes-.html



Michael Antonio Bootie
Festive X 2

Ready to go really over the top? Mix both velvet AND glitter to make a major statement. These gold glitter and red velvet Michael Antonio booties are particularly perfect for Santa’s Badass and Beautiful Elves.

Whatever festive footwear you choose, prepare now and enjoy the holiday season.

Spring Fave – The ankle strap

The third shoe style I love for spring is the ankle strap. Technically this style is any shoe with an ankle strap, but I generally think of this as a closed toe with an ankle strap. Like the slingback, this style let’s you reveal your winter feet to the world in stages – heels first, then toes.

Colorful & sexy
Colorful & sexy

These are my favorite pair and they are perfect for spring. The blue and green leather screams Spring. The heel is a perfect height and sturdy for strolling. The shape is very ladylike. I especially like the wide ankle strap, substantial buckle and grommet holes that add just a bit of edge. The color in this photo is a bit off, but I am sure you get the idea.

Aladdin Vintage Lovelies – more foldable shoes

I went to meet a few friends for dinner on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and I arrived a few minutes early. I was strolling East Passyunk to see what what new. Right across from the restaurant is a vintage store called Mesh Vintage. What better place to kill 10 minutes.

vintage slides
“I dream of Genie”

Mesh has a nice variety of vintage and lots of shoes. The shop owner had featured some vintage foldables in an armoir, so I went over to inspect. I was transported to my mother’s closet and the foldable evening slippers she had. Of the several pairs (all in my size) I found these beauties. I Dream of Genie here I come. The image is a bit off. These are bright gold leather slides with about a 1″ wedge heel. My size, $5 – I had to have them. They just brightened my day.

Caged shoe drawing
Badass & Beautiful

What a great inspiration for my shoe designs as well. I must be channeling this toe shape somehow. Remember this design from last summer? There is quite a bit of Asian influence here from the heel to the toe cap. I hadn’t been thinking of Aladdin or I Dream of Genie consciously, but I guess it was in there somewhere. Maybe I’ll try a variation on this in my summer flats.


alladin shoes
Perfect with harem pants

These are a bit out of character for me – I’m not really into Asian inspired styles. What you can’t really see is that these are bright gold – also not my aesthetic. But these beauties will be perfect with all the pant trends this season – harem, cropped, cuffed. They are lightweight and foldable although I won’t fold them. They will head with me on my travels and each time I wear them I’ll remember my mom’s closet and how much I enjoyed watching her dress for evenings out.

Update 4/12/15: I’m definitely channeling something!
Check out these non-western images from the The Robert and Penny Fox Historic Costume Collection at Drexel.

Shoes for your pocket – the foldable shoe

I’ve been working on a project with an inventor that requires a foldable shoe. If I tell you about it, I’ll have to kill you. It’s TOP SECRET – very hush, hush.

Mod silver foldable flat Circa 1960
Mod silver foldable flat Circa 1960

What can I share with you? It has prompted me to re-visit and research various options.  These are nothing new. I remember my mom having them as evening shoes when I was a child. These were not shoes for the pocket. They had a leather sole and 1/2″ heel. The heel folded into the toe and the shoes were in a clear plastic bag that was merchandised on a hanging rack in department stores. I remember a pair my mom had vividly as royal blue and gold brocade with a squared off pointed toe. Here’s similar style I found through a Google Image search.

My beat up "there's no place like home" sparkly, red snakeskin foldables from H&M.
My beat up “there’s no place like home” sparkly, red snakeskin foldables from H&M.

In recent years, the foldable ballet flat has been in vogue. These are available at various price points. CVS had a great, inexpensive rollable model that everyone I know loved. For some reason, they have discontinued the product. Dr. Scholl’s offers Fast Flats. AliExpress has lots of choices. H&M offered some styles several years ago and of course there is the Ballasox by Corso Como.

Ballasox weatherproof leopard by Corso Como
Ballasox weatherproof leopard by Corso Como


This is a versatile product and the styles offered are getting more varied and fashionable. Many are even weather proof – perfect for those April showers. Find your special pair now.