Walking in Heels

It’s the holidays, time for walking in heels. It doesn’t come naturally to many women. Here are few tips to help you walk with grace, elegance and attitude in your holiday best.

Sky High Stiletto
Sky High Stiletto

First, find a pair of sky-high heels that work well with your foot. Comfort is all in the vamp. Try on a bunch of brands and find one or two the fit your foot. Don’t worry about the price point. Shoedazzle offers a great vamp for me at a very affordable price. Once you find the brand, make sure to find a style you LOVE.

Get the correct size. Remember that shoe lasts come in many sizes, but stores purchase only a limited selection. My foot measures a 6 1/2 D, but I have to buy  a 7 B because most stores only carry whole and half sizes in B.

The Wedge
The Wedge

If it is your first time out, steer clear of stilettos for your maiden voyage. Start with a wedge that offers good stability. If you are a novice try a 3″ heel or choose a platform.

3-inch heeled pump
3-inch heeled pump

Once you get these babies home make sure you scuff up the soles. This will help you avoid slipping. Next, test them out on the rug, the tile, the hardwood floor, the sidewalk, the driveway, the grass, as many surfaces as you can find. You will need to negotiate each surface a little differently.

Hidden platform
Hidden platform

Stand tall, shoulders back, hips and knees relaxed. Remember that book on the head routine? Step forward with confidence, head held high, heel first and move heel-toe, heel-toe in small steps, shorter than your natural stride. Feeling a bit awkward? Deep breath, start again and practice, practice, practice.

Selena Gomez sitting pretty
Selena Gomez sitting pretty

Sit whenever you can and show us your shoes. Elongate your torso, sitting elegantly tall and either demurely cross your legs at the ankles or display your gorgeous gams with a cross at the knee. Add a little swing for attitude and you know you’ve graduated.

Hot Shoe Trends for Fall

Is your shoe wardrobe ready? Check out these hot shoe trends for Fall.

Lalani by ShoeDazzle
Have it all – Corset, Studs, Over-the-Knee

First up a personal favorite for my bad ass and beautiful style. Studs. Whether round, square or pyramid in any color or texture, this trend adds edge to high heeled or flat shoes, booties and boots.

Speaking of boots it’s time to invest in the “over the knee” trend. From flat to stiletto, this trend is versatile and works oh so well with leggings and skinny jeans, especially when paired with a tunic. Match your leg and boot color to create a long leg line. Or choose a contrast to show off the boots. Your call.


Quilting remains strong at retail, particularly in the moto inspired arena. It adds just that bit of femininity to tough girl styles. Last year’s diamonds have grown into tighter pyramids, bars and wavy lines.

Rainier by Leila Stone
Faux Suede Boho Fringe

Retro fringe is back for the boho. Suede especially harkens back to that 70’s vibe. Not a boho bone in your body? Don’t fret. This trend works for a more polished look with the tassel.

Faux suede - Corset and Tassel
Faux suede – Corset and Tassel

If you are looking at these trends for a price, check out shoedazzle.com.


Shoes for Vacation – The rules

I’m taking a hiatus from shoe making journey blog entries and talking about packing shoes for vacation. I’m off for about 2 1/2 weeks shortly and it’s time to make some decisions about which of my lovelies will come with me. It can be hard to make the cut. Here’s my process:

First, I determine how I will likely get around. This trip – lot’s of walking and public trans. Next, I check the weather where I am going. This trip possible showers, every day. Last, what mode of travel I’m taking. This trip is plane and public transport and I will be moving about a bit, so I want to keep my bag relatively light.

All this in mind, I will limit myself to a total of 3 pairs-one I will wear and two I will pack. The two I pack must be light. The one I wear must be easy on/off for the plane and these can be heavier. I will need to walk in all my shoes and they need to be okay in the rain. They also need to be fashionable – my destinations are fashion cities – and they need to work with pants, skirts and dresses, casual and semi-dressy.

flip flops
a MUST for your daily carryall

I should also note that I ALWAYS take a pair of inexpensive flip flops with me and carry them daily in my tote. These are emergency shoes. I use them if I get caught in a torrential downpour, develop blisters, have a shoe break or some other un-forseen problem. I don’t count these it the number of shoes I will take as the weight is negligible. I also make sure they are comfortable before I go. These are my faves this year, Donica from Shoedazzle, $29.90 VIP. I like the look – Grecian, fashionable and metallic. They are all man-made so they won’t be ruined by rain. I’ve worn them alot and had many compliments.

After careful consideration of the many choices in my shoe closet, I have decided on these three:

flatform sneaker
height with comfort

Choice #1: The Flatform Sneaker. I fell in love with this last year in London. I had a very cheap pair from Primark. They got me through a very cold and rainy spell and finally fell apart shortly after I returned home. This year, I got a slightly better pair from Forever21, also  $29.90. They are comfortable to walk in, have a closed toe and just the right amount of edge with the studs. They are also man-made and will not ruin in rain. I tested them on my last trip to Ashland and wear them frequently at home, so I know they will fit the bill.

open-toed bootie wedge
open-toed bootie wedge

Choice #2: The Open-toe Bootie. Next on my list is this Fly of London sandal bootie in Lead. This is a more expensive shoe, somewhere around $129.00. Fly of London is a comfort brand with well made shoes that last forever. I like the open-toed bootie style-just enough sandal while being rugged enough for a lot of walking. They are edgy and stylish and the lead metallic goes with anything. The wedge gives some height and shape to the leg. They are just enough to go a bit on the dressy side. These will not do well in lots of rain, so the flip flops are essential.

flat sandal
flat sandal

Choice #3: The flat sandal. My final choice is this Atelje 71 flat sandal with a sneaker bottom. These too are a bit pricey, over $100, but again they are a well made, stylish and comfortable sandal. I have not had a lot of time to test these and I am a bit worried about the thong, but I am taking them anyway and will bring a small pot of vaseline in my daily tote to put in between my toes if necessary. Again, these will not do well in rain, hence the flip flops.

My last packing rule is to put everything out about 24 hours before I pack and then to go back and remove about a 1/3 of what I have collected. That may mean the Atelje’s stay home. Not because I may not wear them, but rather because I may like to keep the room in the suitcase for a new pair to join the collection;)