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Pattern Making – This week’s Monday Mission

toe trouble bubbles

This week I returned to my luxury slipper prototype and discussed the challenges I had while making them. I had toe trouble!

It was a challenge to get my leather lasted (that is what we call stretching the leather over the last in shoe speak) properly around the toe. One reason – I was not using an upper pattern for the particular last, so the upper pattern piece did not fit properly.

I showed how when using felted knit fabric, the perfect pattern was not as crucial as when using leather.

Then I showed you how to make a pattern. And finally explained how to grade (this is what we call creating each size variation in shoe speak) that pattern. The last I am work on is a 7 1/2. That pattern will need to be graded to accomodate any other size and the last will need to modified to accommodate any other size.

Watch the process. And do join me for next week’s Monday Mission. You never know what you’ll see.
-until next time XOA

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Making Shoes Makes Me Happy – I’m choosing to be happy in 2021

“If Leonardo DaVinci was alive today he would likely have invented must of the technology we have today. If he didn’t invent it I know he would ABSOLUTELY use technology as a tool. “
–Anne Cecil, Owner/Designer/Maker, RoxAnneLava Shoes

When I first started my shoe business, it was my intention to use new technology, 3D Scanning, Printing, Milling, combined with traditional shoe making technique to make customized shoes for women of a certain age;) That is the business I wanted and in 2021 that will be the business I will create.

Over the past few years, I have practiced my craft and become a master maker of flat mules. I continue to practice traditional techniques with heels and wedges. AND I keep working within the confines of the concept of ‘mules’. I’m making progress in my practice, design and development.

I’ve invested in some old sewing machines, a 1938 Singer home sewer’s workhorse and a 1913 Singer Post Bed from a local-ish shoe factory. It’s been several years now and NEITHER one is up and running.

I invested in a Fabtotum 3D scanner/printer/miller through a kickstarter. Also NOT yet up and running. (Although I have made some progress with an older desktop computer to run it.)

I invested in a Cricut and you guessed it – NOT YET UP AND RUNNING.

I keep putting these tasks off because of their learning curves. Ridiculous! It’s time to take the time. 2021 is the year. I’ll be tackling these machines and methods, melding new and old into the business I want. I invite you to join me on my journey. Check out my progress – 2021 A Shoe Odyssey.

–Happy New Year! XOA