SOS – Save our Soles or Souls

The footwear industry can be environmentally damaging, enter SOS (Save our Soles), a design consultancy that merges tradition practice with technology to provide innovative and creative footwear. Masterminded by visionary, Ridhwana Shaik, this consultancy promises passionate design, conceptualization and sustainable manufacture and offers limited quantity, great quality, and uniquely African aesthetic.

SOS fold
SOS fold
SOS - MonkyNutz
SOS – MonkyNutz

Some projects include: MonkyNutz, a uni-sex kids range that is eco-friendly, created from organic cotton and recycled shoes; SOS fold ups made from 100% African cotton and recycled soles; and the Meshuga brand that provides wood soles from the scavenged wood of Jacaranda tree combined with leather by products from the meat industry that are veg-tanned used as uppers.

SOS - Meshuga
SOS – Meshuga

Most of all I like the tag line: “Leave behind a legacy of great footwear, not a landfill of wasted shoes.” A great thought for today or any day.

Shoes for your pocket – the foldable shoe

I’ve been working on a project with an inventor that requires a foldable shoe. If I tell you about it, I’ll have to kill you. It’s TOP SECRET – very hush, hush.

Mod silver foldable flat Circa 1960
Mod silver foldable flat Circa 1960

What can I share with you? It has prompted me to re-visit and research various options.  These are nothing new. I remember my mom having them as evening shoes when I was a child. These were not shoes for the pocket. They had a leather sole and 1/2″ heel. The heel folded into the toe and the shoes were in a clear plastic bag that was merchandised on a hanging rack in department stores. I remember a pair my mom had vividly as royal blue and gold brocade with a squared off pointed toe. Here’s similar style I found through a Google Image search.

My beat up "there's no place like home" sparkly, red snakeskin foldables from H&M.
My beat up “there’s no place like home” sparkly, red snakeskin foldables from H&M.

In recent years, the foldable ballet flat has been in vogue. These are available at various price points. CVS had a great, inexpensive rollable model that everyone I know loved. For some reason, they have discontinued the product. Dr. Scholl’s offers Fast Flats. AliExpress has lots of choices. H&M offered some styles several years ago and of course there is the Ballasox by Corso Como.

Ballasox weatherproof leopard by Corso Como
Ballasox weatherproof leopard by Corso Como


This is a versatile product and the styles offered are getting more varied and fashionable. Many are even weather proof – perfect for those April showers. Find your special pair now.