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Black Patent Crazy

Black Patent go go
Black Patent go go

I am black patent crazy. Over the past year I’ve purchased 4 pairs of black patent boots to add to my collection bringing my total to 5. Why you ask? Black patent is one of the most versatile shoe materials ever. It adds a bit of shine to any daytime outfit and glamor to any evening or special occasion attire. It works well in all weather needing just a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and mild soap if necessary.  Scuffs and scratches can be removed with special purpose cleaners on the market. Over time, it may loose the high shine, but it will maintain an interesting rubbery look. This black patent go go, Cynira at ShoeDazzle is on point at about $39 for VIPs.

True patent leather starts with a fine grain leather that is coated to create a glossy finish. Imitations are poromeric imitation leathers like Dupont’s Corfam. Whether you choose real or imitation you can’t go wrong with this addition to your wardrobe.

Here is an excellent choice for Men:

Converse Men's Black Patent
Converse Men’s Black Patent

As my friend Phil Silverstone says, “Just bought these amazing Converse high top black patent sneaks for an upcoming tux event and then to wear with my white Levi’s in the summer…”



And some for Women:

Black Patent Chelsea
Black Patent Chelsea Vince Camuto $180ish on sale Worn at the Breeder’s Cup
Punk Patent
Punk Patent Penny Loves Kenny $40ish
Black Patent & Perspex Chelsea boot
Black Patent & Perspex Chelsea boot Rachel Zoe $150ish on sale
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Sandals or Boots

chloe booties
Chloe beauties


Parisienne sandals
Sandals like boots a perfect transition



Today is the day after Labor Day and the question for me is NOT should I still wear white, but rather Sandals or Boots! As the weather patterns keep changing across the globe, the weather in my area seems to be either hot or cold. We have virtually no spring, moving quickly to a pretty hot and humid summer. Thankfully that is followed by a fairly nice fall leading into a winter that generally has a couple of weeks of really cold weather and changeable amounts of snow.

This all works out fairly well for me since I really dislike Spring, but it also has a big effect on my shoe wardrobe. I hardly ever wear pumps and only own a few, sad really since there are some very nice ones out there. I suppose I could wear them if I wanted to carry them with me, or leave them at work.

Truth be told, I’m not really a pump sort of girl. Pumps need to look well kept, nicks and scrapes generally ruin them. Boots (and the type of sandals I choose) often look better with age and weathering, making them the best choice for my city lifestyle.

So what will happen with the pumps I made? I have a wedding in November so I’ll find an outfit especially for them. In the meantime, they are on display in my home, reminding me of things to come.