Why Made To Order?

It’s Unique

Customers receive products catered expressly to them. Purchasers participate in the process of selecting styles and materials, etc. that makes the resulting product unique to them. Buyers emotionally connect to a meaningful item, love it and use it  or wear it proudly.

It’s Sustainable

Because the maker produces only what is ordered, there is little purchasing of unused materials and fewer items made that don’t sell.  This means minimal material or end product waste and less stuff going to our landfills.

It Creates Jobs

A thriving Made to Order business needs quality help and in the best scenarios creates jobs for individuals with different skills. Products are designed, produced, sold and delivered. There are numerous skill sets involved at each stage. From highly specialized craftsmen, to picking, packing and delivering orders, made to order provides jobs.

Made to order allows for custom made quality, with the signature of the maker’s hand. The product is special & unique.  Make this a year for LESS stuff with MORE quality. Invest in yourself, artisans & craftsmen and your community. I believe a strong creative economy is the key to economic success in this world. And it’s a win all around. Buy Made to Order!